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Craft Beer Fan? You've come to the right place. At People's Captain, we are bringing great craft beer to you. Our collection of craft ales and lagers is bound to have something for ever type of beer lover. Whether it's a Pale Ale or a Fruity NEPA, our craft ales are sure to hit the right notes. For Lager lovers we have our Stereotype, a craft lager which is deliciously crisp and refreshingly light, or for Stout fans we have our Short & Stout which is a rather quaffable milk stout. Can't decide which one to pick? To shop our mixed cases click here. You can get our Craft Beer delivered for free on orders over £35.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It: 

Legend:  “Cracking Pale Ale, very crisp with refreshing citrus notes, great after work drink”

Islander:  “I’ve had a lot of sickly NEPAs, but this one gives you all the flavour but no sickliness, in my amateur professional opinion!”

Sterotype:  “The Stereotype Lager is 👌🏻”

Short & Stout :  “It’s like a dessert in a can, lush”

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