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Hops: Bramling Cross, Citra, Simcoe (50% dry)

Our signature core hero. This is an American Pale Ale you won't forget. With a body to die for, the super citrus kick keeps it refreshing enough to keep going back for more.

Tasting Notes: Our APA has citrus flavour which cuts through spicy foods such as chicken fajitas, chilli or tacos.

“Cracking Pale Ale, very crisp with refreshing citrus notes, great after work drink”

“I remember the first time Greg and Manu took over the Parcel Yard in Leicester with this beer 🤣, great night”

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Hops: Wai-ti, Azacca, Calypso (Dry)

Inspired by stories of the Pacific Islands with genuine tropical flavours, a classic New England American Pale. Islander is unfiltered to leave all the goodness in which also gives it the classic hazy body that craft drinkers love.

Tasting Notes: Our NEPA has tropical flavours that bring contrasting flavours to pork dishes, chicken jambalaya and pork and chicken kebabs.  Goes very well with cheeses like Apricot Wensleydale.

“All absolutely fabulous but if I have to choose a favourite then this one just edges it!’

“I’ve had a lot of sickly NEPAs, but this one gives you all the flavour but no sickliness, in my amateur professional opinion!”

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Hops: Goldings, Fuggles, Mosaic (Dry)

A Milk Stout with a twist. Stouts use darkly roasted malt to create the colour and ‘bitterness’ which can be quite polarising for some beer drinkers. We’ve used less darkly roasted malt and used the natural sweetness of caramel and lactose to give a beautiful sweet stout. Back hopped with mosaic will leave you with a malty biscuit based and blueberry on the nose.

Tasting Notes: Brewed with the addition of lactose, ours is a sweeter take on a traditional stout which works well with rich chocolate desserts where the delicate blueberry and caramel in the beer are complemented by the foods rich flavour. Pairs nicely with cheeses like Stilton or Comte.

“it’s like a dessert in a can, lush”

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Hops: Hellertau

Crisp & Refreshing English style lager with an earthy tone with subtle nectar fruits on the nose. A lager for any occasion.

Tasting Notes: Our lager can accompany many dishes as the carbonation cuts through flavoursome dishes, cleansing the palate between bites. Try with pizza, sausages and hot dogs and tandoori chicken. Cheese - soft, strong cheeses like Camembert and Brie.

“To be fair, I’ve literally never had a lager like this before”

“The Stereotype Lager is 👌🏻”

“Great to see some girl power in the artwork!”

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Hops: Admiral, Goldings, Saaz, Citra

Saisons originally were brewed in the colder months to be ready for drinking in the summer by thirsty farmworkers. We just couldn't wait that long to release ours! Our Saison is brewed in a classic French style giving a dry, crisp and herbaceous brew perfect to enjoy by the fire to stay warm on the inside and the out.

Tasting Notes: A classic antipasto platter matches perfectly with this dry floral delight of a beverage.

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We get it, too many good choices! Don't worry we've put together sampler cases of 12 or 24 so you can have the lot!

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