The Team

Greg - The Big Picture guy

Professional rugby player by day – public advocate of positive mental health by night, Greg was public about his own struggles back in 2019. After finding great solace in the process of brewing beers and punters chatting with him about the article in the pub. The question turned from ‘why me’ to ‘what am I going to do about it’

Stewart Beale - The Details Guy

Stu has worked in the drinks industry for years and when Greg and J approached him about the idea of People’s Captain he was super keen. Conversations quickly moved on and the idea became a plan pretty quickly. A few months later People's Captain was launched and the rest is history.

Jason Reeves - The Numbers Guy

As a childhood best friend (aww) he was the guy Greg turned to in his worst times over a cold one to open up. When the rebirth of People’s Captain as it’s own venture came about as usual J was the first one in.

nathan bowen

The man behind all our amazing character artwork. Street artist and potential superhero, Nathan Bowen.

Greg got in touch with Nathan after seeing a huge tag of his in Hackney and we’re so delighted he has agreed to be the exclusive character designer for our character artwork.

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