What Drives Us

At People’s Captain we have a passion for brewing full flavoured, session-able beers using the best quality ingredients and brewing with love and care. People’s Captain began as a hobby of our Founder, Greg Bateman, whilst playing for Leicester Tigers bringing craft beers to rugby crowds. He worked with a handful of local and regional breweries, creating delicious recipes that kept people asking for more. With a passion for great craft beer, Greg assembled the team to form People’s Captain as its own entity bringing our beers direct to your door.

Beer is our passion, but we also have an important purpose. We’re not just in this for the brews. We’re in this to do good. To build something strong, positive, and long lasting that really makes lives better. 


Every year, one in four people in England alone struggle with their mental health. With Covid-19, the need to support people has never been greater.

But only one in eight find the treatment they need to get better, get stronger and feel good again.

We want to change that. To get more support to the people who need it. To raise awareness of the problems people face and to turn mental health into something we’re not afraid to talk about.

Through our People’s Captain Foundation we will raise £1m to support initiatives that take action for positive mental health. That’s why, slap bang at the heart of everything we do is the People’s Captain Foundation to promote and support positive mental health and we've set ourselves a challenge to raise £1m for initiatives in this important area. In a nutshell, we're BREWING POSITIVITY!


So, pull up a chair, pop open a can and start a conversation.